July 30, 2021

Go on a couple trip

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What then are the best destinations for a couple of trips? It obviously depends on your tastes! Wherever you choose to go, you can avail yourself of the help of a local Evaneos operator: you will create together a tailor-made itinerary that reflects your travel plan.

Where to go for a couple of trips?

Romantic weekend by the sea

No need to go far to get away from everyday life for a few days. Perfect climate, history and nature await you:

  • Crete: beaches to rest on the island of Minos, but also a territory rich in millennia of history to be explored.
  • Portugal: not only in the summer for a dip in the ocean but really all year to discover together the wonders of this beautiful country.
  • Greece: whether you are looking for a dip in the past or a dip in the Ionian or the Aegean Sea, Greece is one of the most romantic destinations for a trip for two.

Where to go for Valentine’s Day

For the party of lovers, surprise your sweetheart with plane tickets! Contact an Evaneos tour operator to visit these destinations in February:

  • Argentina: treat yourself to an escape among the best vineyards in the world, cross the picturesque landscapes of Patagonia and finally let yourself go to a passionate tango.
  • Colombia: visit the most beautiful beaches together and discover the typical landscapes of the country, still well protected from mass tourism.
  • Burma: between floating gardens and golden temples, this country is a destination not to be missed for couples who love the Orient and its culture.

Romantic destinations for Christmas and New Year

This year the dinner can wait, leaving as a couple to a warm destination will awaken you from winter slumber

  • Cuba: from the beaches of Playa Santa Lucia and Guardalavaca to Havana and Santa Maria del Mar parties, Cuba lends itself to many different types of travel for two.
  • Thailand: the dry season is perfect to recline in a hidden bay or to explore villages that pop up at the bottom of green valleys. Let’s not forget the temples and the vibrant atmosphere of Bangkok.

An unconventional love escape

Are strong emotions your daily bread? Here is a selection of destinations for explorer pairs :

  • Uganda: live together moments of pure discovery in observing primates in their natural habitat, and then again rare birds, lions and elephants.
  • New Zealand: set off on a daring journey through the natural wonders of this magical land, and then take a breath in that paradise on earth that is the Cook Islands.
  • Cambodia: a cultural journey through the monuments of the Khmer Empire will take you into a world of contrasts, as far from tourists as it is close to the locals.

How to organize a couple of trips?

You left to relax, to explore, to live new experiences together. What could be worse than running into the classic annoyances and problems that can occur when travelling alone? By relying on one of Evaneos’ local experts, you will get in touch with an Italian-speaking destination professional who has lived and worked in your chosen destination for years. 

What are you waiting for to choose your next romantic vacation?

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